Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cruise to mexico

So this is my favorite picture on in the world and i'm suprised that it turned out. We woke up to this on our first day out at sea so so pretty. i took this picture from the window of our room which was on the bottom level. I would go on a cruise again anyday except with out parents they make it kinda hard, it was fairly cheap and heaps of fun i loved it. carnival was the cruise line. i loved the water it was prob the best part besides the all you can eat buffet that goes on all day and all night.
Our boat, was amazing it was huge the name was elation so much fun right now we are leaving the boat to go towards catilina. the best part ever was when savannah and i got to go on a raft ride and after half an hour of searching we got to see dolpins so cool i would say about 3 pods where swimming around us. a moment that i hope i will never forget.

So on the boat when you are in international water you can gamble at age 18 so I did i would have gotten quite a bit of money off of 25 cents but becuase the machines are so confusing i lost it i think i had about 100 dollars luck of the rolls. its stupid all you do is push buttons it doesnt make sense of why people gamble.

the pirate ship that was right next to our boat we went over to see if we could take a tour but it was super expensive although i'm sure it would have been excieting .

This is on our way back we were super bored and we found this mask in a bag. It kept preoccupied for a few hours, but we soon stopped because the battery on the camera died, if not i'm sure it would have lasted longer. we like to call this the super hero and the nerdy fan.

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