Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cruise to mexico

So this is my favorite picture on in the world and i'm suprised that it turned out. We woke up to this on our first day out at sea so so pretty. i took this picture from the window of our room which was on the bottom level. I would go on a cruise again anyday except with out parents they make it kinda hard, it was fairly cheap and heaps of fun i loved it. carnival was the cruise line. i loved the water it was prob the best part besides the all you can eat buffet that goes on all day and all night.
Our boat, was amazing it was huge the name was elation so much fun right now we are leaving the boat to go towards catilina. the best part ever was when savannah and i got to go on a raft ride and after half an hour of searching we got to see dolpins so cool i would say about 3 pods where swimming around us. a moment that i hope i will never forget.

So on the boat when you are in international water you can gamble at age 18 so I did i would have gotten quite a bit of money off of 25 cents but becuase the machines are so confusing i lost it i think i had about 100 dollars luck of the rolls. its stupid all you do is push buttons it doesnt make sense of why people gamble.

the pirate ship that was right next to our boat we went over to see if we could take a tour but it was super expensive although i'm sure it would have been excieting .

This is on our way back we were super bored and we found this mask in a bag. It kept preoccupied for a few hours, but we soon stopped because the battery on the camera died, if not i'm sure it would have lasted longer. we like to call this the super hero and the nerdy fan.

Baby William

On August 25th we welcomed our newest member to the family, William Issac Vave, my cute little cousin is so active for how old he is now. William fresh out of the oven maybe an hour or two old
the first time his dad got to hold him

Savannah hold william either right after his bath or one day old i cant remember

he looks like a little monkey all hairy he's so cute though

oh here is close up on jennys ring weird its gold.

Engaged at last!!

Finally the day has come in june we finally got to meet Victor after many months of chatting online. He's awesome we instantly fell in love with him, he is so good to her, complete opposite of the last guy that she went out with and almost married he was completly dependent on her. but now they are dependent on each other. he is a doctor from guatimala and is currently working towards getting his license here in the US. I'm so glad that she finally found the love of her life, I know they will be happy together. They are going to be married in the Draper Temple on November 21st, 2009
Congrats and welcome to the family Victor.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday? or memories in the process?

These were taken on mine and my dads birthday, I bet you coulnd't tell that it was December by all of the Thanksgiving decorations. although there was no party with friends, or anything like that it was possibly the best birthday that I have ever had. Because we spent the entire day together mainly because we had family pictures taken. which look amazing, for our family. It has become a rare accurance when all 6 of us are together anymore. But we still have holidays... well some of them. Family is a precious thing dont let the little things past, and make every moment one to be proud of.

I bet you couldnt tell we are related haha

This is one of my favorite pics because it looks like i'm kicking her but really i'm three feet infront of her.


Over the last year I have come to realize how important my Brother and two sisters are too me. Much as come up and they have never stopped being there for me, throught extreamly thick and paper thin times. Here are some pics of what we do when we are bored waiting in the care, for our mom to finish up in the store after 2 hours of family pictures.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Homecomming 2008, wow thats not a night I will forget it was very intense, but still fun! I dont think I would do it again though. Jake Larsen ( Pink hat kid Jake) he's a senior as well, funny but strange kid.

I like this one just because my eye looks cool other than that it should be burned

This is my Moms favorite picture she says its a normal thing for a teenager to do and that's to just stand in one place and text,( sorry kinda hard to see, but I have the phone in my hands) this is waiting for about 30 mins for hime to come and pick me up so very stressfull before hand. Because the dance was on a friday so I had to get ready in about an hour and a half very hard when it takes about an hour to get your hair all fixed.

BFF but not what you would think

Best Friends Forever, Puzzle is my dog without her I'm not sure what I would do. She's more than just a dog shes part of the family. Apart from my sister I would have to say she is my best friend. The best thing about a dog is when your having a bad day they come up to greet you, even if you get mad at them for bugging you they just come back to try and cheer you up. When the day comes when she's gone I will never be the same she has changed my life. she's kinda like a Guardin Angle. Its true they come in all shapes and size's, but they all can do the same job.
I wasnt ready for this pic but who is ever ready for one .

Devil dog haha her eyes are way creepy it was the last pic that we took before she went upstairs. she was finished with the photo shoot!
haha this pic is one of my favorite, she was looking at the camera because of the red dot that shows up right before the pic is taken. She loves the laser pin she chases it up and down the street or halls and walls. Whatever you can think of she will attempt to get the light but she thought it was the light so she ws excited but sadly I had to disapoint her :(

I was just bored with the camera,